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3 Sigma offers a limited number of scholarships in the $100-$200 range to help undergraduate and graduate students attend professional meetings.  For more information email ralph_garono(at)3sigmaintitute.org.


2015 Student Awards

3 Sigma Institute is pleased to announce the 2015 recipients of the registration-fee awards for students wishing to attend the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology (SNVB).

From left to right: Becky Hill (3 Sigma Institute), Denim Jochimsen (University of Idaho), Alexander Lefort (University of Washington Bothell), Danielle Nelson (Oregon State University). Deanna MacTavish (Simon Fraser University), Lexi Menth (University of Washington Bothell), Erin Bri McCloskey (University of Washington Bothell), and Matthew Smith (Washington State University).

Award to University of Minnesota Duluth Undergraduate, Gage Sachs

Research Proposal for
Under-ice Sampling on the St. Louis River Estuary

This research has the potential to answer initial questions about the dynamic and unique processes occurring in the St. Louis River Freshwater Estuary in the winter months as well as producing questions for future studies to further understand the wintertime influence on the ecosystem.

One of my main interests in school is freshwater ecology, specifically microorganisms and their biochemistry. I am hoping that this research gives me the chance to not only explore my interests, but also to give me the experience of working in the field and in the lab so that after graduating with a degree in biology and chemistry, I can continue on and pursue a Master’s degree in water resource sciences. The under-ice study on the St. Louis River will be an excellent opportunity to begin researching as well as opening doors to future studies in order to compare water quality measurements from both winters and summers, and also over the years to better understand the influence of varying ice cover on the water quality.


Gage Sachs (L) and Dr. Garono (R) sampling water quality on the St. Louis River Freshwater Estuary in early 2015. Gage hopes to present the results of his research at the St. Louis Science Summit and at the Society of Wetland Scientists meetings in 2015.


High School & Middle School Students

The 3 Sigma Institute has made cash awards to both High School and Middle School student winners at Intel's Central Western Oregon Science Expo in 2013 and 2014.


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