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Invasive Species Management Research Group

Invasive Species Management Plans


Invasive species cause serious ecological and economic damage throughout the world. 3 Sigma Scientists can help you to develop a management plan to combat threats to valued natural resources posed by invasive species. Invasive species can threaten aquatic, forest, and agricultural resources.


Invasive Species Management Plans are guiding documents that describe the current status of the invasive species problem, and prioritize management actions for the early detection, prevention, control, and monitoring of invasive species populations. Our plans match specific management actions to specific places.

Management Plans fulfill the first steps of a holistic, adaptive-management approach, assessment of the problem and selection of management actions.


3 Sigma Institute scientists work directly with stakeholders to complete invasive species management plans. We have experience collaborating with diverse stakeholder groups including watershed councils, NGO’s, tribes, and government entities. Our scientists are experts on invasive weed ecology, ecological risk, mechanisms of distribution, and alternative control strategies.



The 3 Sigma Institute offers the following invasive species management services:

    • planning
    • monitoring
    • education
    • speakers
    • and, expertise on acquisition of funds
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